Ben Matthews is the Managing Director of Leodan:Evolution Ltd which is made up of the following brands:

  • Leodan:Evolution
  • Leodan:Design
  • Leodan:Local
  • Leodan:Leisure
  • Leodan:Education
  • Leodan:Media
  • Leodan:Life

Based in Belfast in Northern Ireland these brands work in the Northern Irish, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland markets. Looking to bring innovation in the use web technologies and social media to find new ways of creatively distributing content to promote small businesses and to educate people, the Leodan philosophy is simple:

To Grow

From Proto-Germanic ‘leudanan’ and Indo-European ‘leudh’, meaning ‘to grow, come up’.

Albanian: Lind – ‘to be born, to spring’

Ancient Greek: ἐλεύθερος (eleútheros) – ‘free, freeman’

Latin: Liber – ‘free’

Old Irish: Luss – ‘plant’

As a personal mission statement and a business ethos, Ben’s sole focus is on growth. Developing oneself, one’s friends, one’s family is the means by which we all can seek to travel on our personal journeys in life: business or pleasure. As a firm believer in the value of the individual and the innate compassion which is contained in each person, Ben doesn’t focus on rules and reasons why something can’t be done, he focuses on what can be achieved, why it can be achieved and the firm belief that with the right support and team, that anything is not just possible, but achievable and surpassable.

So what is this blog all about?

It’s about the beauty and value that surrounds us in our everyday lives. It’s about appreciating the wonder and amazement that is there if only we open our eyes and minds to it. It’s seeing the intricacies of Belfast, the hidden sights, the small wonders, the things that you might miss if you spend your day running around with your eyes wide shut.

It’s about capturing the landscape, the coffee time thoughts, the seemingly meaningless activities that otherwise would go unnoticed. It’s about raising awareness of the picturesque, raising awareness of issues, discovering the hidden secrets, not only of Belfast but of it’s busy and bustling life.

It’s about highlighting the positive, raising awareness of the hidden and unseen negatives that blight every culture and resolving to do something about them. It’s about taking off the blinkers and seeing the world from a different perspective, not the right perspective, not the wrong perspective, not a judgemental perspective, but an observational one.

What is this blog about? It’s about what recording what you see, what you hear, what you think, what youfeel. What is this blog about? It’s about seeing beyond the surface and trying to discover what is really happening beyond the initial levels of consciousness.


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